Pixelated illustrations of cameras prove megapixels don't matter

Billy Brown's "Camera Collection" includes over 100 cameras, lenses, and accessories done up in the most geeky, nerdy and retro way possible: with boxy pixels. Brown's pixels aren't just pretty to look at, they prove that good design is iconic, transcends time and that even in primitive form, people can identify them.

DVICE readers will know that I can get worked up talking about cameras. I love cameras to the point that I would be bankrupt if I didn't have "living expenses" in my way.

To me, cameras are the ultimate fossils of humanity. Cameras are artifacts of different time periods that capture moments in time. Just as much as the images produced can be considered art, camera design too is a type of art. Different eras bring on different camera design, films, etc.

True, it's an Instagram world today, but go ask your parents or grandparents, and it was a Fujifilm, Kodak and Polaroid world back in the day.

Brown's pixels capture the essence of iconic camera design. How many can you recognize in the gallery below? If you can ID specific models, it just goes to show the type of impression those cameras left on you.

Brown's stickers can also be purchased in sticker form from the PetaPixel store. That's three sheets, each with 91 stickers for $5. I bought a set when they first came out. They're totally worth it.

Billy Brown, via Vimeo and Fubiz

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