Out-of-this-world Space Shuttle food truck lands on eBay

Imagine this food truck orbiting your office building at lunchtime, looking for a place to dock and to dispense rocket fuel. Our giggling could go on and on but let's bring this down to Earth: the owners of this fully functioning Space Shuttle food truck have put the vehicle on eBay and it can be yours for $150,000.

I call it a vehicle because it defies just one category (or explanation). The food truck is built largely from a DC3 airplane that was converted for street use and mounted on a GMC bus frame back in 1976. The current owners purchased it and converted it into an ode to the Space Shuttle housing a ridiculously efficient-looking commercial kitchen inside.

To be fair, the eBay description lists it as used with some wear and tear.

I mention this wear and tear, because it could come from its time as a fully street legal mobile café. Or, with the DC3 having been built in 1944, that wear and tear could come from its time flying at the end of World War II. Wait for it — there's more!

According to legend (as retold by the sellers on eBay) the DC3 flew during the '50s and '60s and may or may not have been hijacked to Cuba during that period.

I believe when it comes to purchasing things off eBay you should know what you are paying for.

Despite its obvious money making capability even if it were just a bus with papier-mâché decoration on it to make it look like the Space Shuttle, it would be bad ass with an awesome cherry on top to just own something like this. It could punch the Weinermobile in the face.

This thing is real enough looking and with a mysterious enough past you could be a hit at the next NASA/CIA joint BBQ. And on the off chance there isn't such a thing, you could invent it and then rule it.

eBay Seller's Page, via BoingBoing

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