One man's dream to build a real, space-worthy Starship Enterprise

We're talking NCC-1701, a Constitution-class starship, more than 200 years ahead of schedule. A brilliant (we hope) engineer, identified only as "BTE Dan," has worked out not only how to build us the pinnacle of our geekiest Trek dreams, he has worked out how to pay for a space-worthy USS Enterprise, too.

The vessel being proposed would not be a warp-driven starship, but an ion-propelled, nuclear powered interplanetary vessel. The designs say it is capable of a lunar trip in three days or a Mars jaunt in as few as 90 days. A 1.5 GW Nuclear reactor is listed for the Ion drive with several smaller reactors to handle the electrical needs of vessel operations.

If it sounds detailed, that's because it is. The building plans call for the Enterprise to be constructed in orbit and be about the same as the fictional ship in its look and size. The video below demonstrates his idea for a rotating magnetic gravity wheel in the saucer section, which he says should provide 1G comfort for space travelers.

While there aren't any offensive phaser banks, the plan includes a tactical laser which could be used to slice through ice on the moon or Europa. The ship could also deploy space planes and robotic landing craft — in fact, there's an initial list of possible missions with stops scheduled at the moon, Venus and Europa.

Dan identifies himself as a systems engineer and electrical engineer with 30 years of experience at a Fortune 500 company. His site even outlines a detailed 20-year plan for paying for this project through NASA.

There doesn't appear to be any technology proposed in the design that is out of our reach today. A 20-year timeline is aggressive, but we at DVICE think you can live like it's the 23rd century, and hope that this one just might be possible.

Build The Enterprise, via Universe Today, via MSN

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