Nike track suit uses golf-ball-style dimples for more speed

Most of us know that those dimples on a golf ball are there to add speed and distance to your drive, even though the aerodynamic principles involved go a little beyond my high school physics classes. Now Nike is applying those same principles to a lightweight sprinting suit, which could give an edge to top level athletes.

Nike claims that their TurboSpeed suit can knock 0.023 seconds off a sprinter's time in the 100 meter dash. That might not sound like a lot, but it would have turned Usain Bolt's gold medal winning 100 meter sprint at the Beijing Olympic final from a personal best, into a new world record.

The new suits will be used by runners from USA, Germany, Russia and China at the upcoming London Olympics, and expectations are that this new technology will tear up the record books much like the Speedo LZR Racer did for swimming at the last games.

The Speedo suit has now been banned from competition, so will this Olympics be our one chance to see the Nike TurboSpeed in top flight competition?

Nike, via PopSci

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