New Star Wars pics show Leia getting frisky with aliens

Some day, we will see the very last behind-the-scenes picture from the set of a Star Wars movie, but that day is not today. Ahead of the Star Wars Celebration in Florida this August, Lucasarts has released a series of behind-the-scenes pictures from the production of Return of the Jedi, including this picture of Leia cheating on Han with a Gamorrean. Ew.

You'd think that Princess Leia, who saw Han Solo himself as "scruffy looking," would have higher standards than would allow for shenanigans with a slobbery and not all that bright porcine mercenary species. On the other hand, she apparently has no issues with spreading the sugar around with Chewbacca. And, lest we forget, her brother. Yeah.

Anyway, from these pics, it looks like everyone involved was having plenty of fun (although some were having more fun than others). The bulk of the gallery below comes from (all the Jedi stuff) comes from Lucasarts, while the pics from Empire are courtesy a new book called The making of Empire Strikes Back by J.W. Rinzler.

Via Daily Mail

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