Need the time? This water fountain displays it in jets of water

This water fountain located in Osaka Japan is more than just a bubbling display acting as a public meeting place. This water fountain projects streams and sheets of water; they flow in patterns creating everything from flowers and vines to helpfully telling the time.

Located in Osaka Station City shopping mall (which the fountain is happy to tell you), the water flows from above instead of rising up from below. Like other fountain displays, it relies on computer timed release of water to create its images, but this fountain turns on and off the various water jets so precisely and quickly it creates incredibly intricate patterns as it falls from above.

This display was created for the South Gate Building in the Mall by Koei Aquatec. It can show off anything from words and numbers to curling flowers or angular designs of waves of bars.

I've seen this technique before and always thought it was cool. Now been fine tuned and it's hit the mall where the world gets to see it up close — and like the kids in this video — be shocked every time something new drops down. I predict it is only a matter of time before we see a proposal on this fountain.

The only drawback I can see is that shop owners in the mall will probably be pretty pissed to see their customers staring at a fountain during precious shopping time.

Via Technabob

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