Music player trainer also looks like the ultimate video game weapon

Wearable tech like the Jawbone Up and Nike FuelBand are great at tracking how many calories you burn, but their simplicity and lack of extra bells and whistles can obscure exactly how powerful they actually are. And then there's the +++ Wearable Player.

The +++ Wearable Player functions as both a tracker for exertion versus calories burned, as well as an interactive game-style MP3 music player. The designer, Italy's Michele Tittarelli, created a system that allows the wearer to accept or reject a song from another wearer of the device with a suggested BPM to match theirs. The fact that it looks like a video game bio-enhanced disruptor gun is basically just an awesome bonus.

You can check out the +++ Wearable Player in action in the video below.

Via FashioningTech

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