Monster makes controlling music as easy as waving your hand

New Orleans, LA - Hurtling down the highway in excess of 55 mph is a tricky business — controlling the temp, futzing with the radio, talking, texting, sipping a drink or chomping on a sandwich, checking the GPS, selecting what music to play from your iPod or smartphone — and, oh yeah, watching the road. Monster wants to eliminate at least one of these driving distractions — controlling your music.

Instead of squinting and hitting tiny play, pause and skip buttons on your music player, just wave your hand in front of the iMotion CarPlay DirectConnect 3000 ($120).

Fortunately, the thing is easier to use than remembering its name.

iMotion is a cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) with trailing cables to connect your iDevice to the auxilliary input jack on your car stereo. Inside the CLA is room to wind up the excess cable. Then, just wave your hand in front of it to control your music.

You'll have to learn and remember the hand-waving gestures for play, pause, skip ahead and skip back. I'd tell you what they are, but since I don't own a car, I don't need iMotion so I don't have to learn or remember the gestures. But when I rent a car and head out on the highway, I hope you do, so you'll be aware that I and others hurtling down the highway in excess of 55 mph are out there.

Via iMotion CarPlay DirectConnect 3000

Posted on location at International CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans.

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