Microsoft splashes the Union Jack all over the Xbox 360

Good news my U.K. gaming comrades. There's a new limited edition Xbox 360. Hope you absolutely love the Union Jack because this Xbox 360, Kinect and controller has the British flag slapped all over them.

Simplicity goes a long way. Or maybe not. For some reason, Microsoft has announced the availability of the "Celebration Pack" for the U.K. starting on May 25. What is Microsoft celebrating? Presumably, the Olympics.

Each bundle comes with a 4GB white Xbox 360 (no, not that sexy white R2-D2 console), an all white Kinect, and white controller. Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports, two games that are long in the tooth, and three free months of Xbox Live Gold are also included.

While, some will love the Union Jack, others may not. Thankfully, the Xbox 360 isn't forever emblazoned with the flag — it's just decals.

All yours for £250 (about $400 USD). British pride yo! The summer Olympics are coming up!

Via Slashgear

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