Meet Stompy, a 2,500-pound walking car with six legs

With the ominous words "Stompy is coming," the crazed creators over at the Artisan's Asylum in Massachusetts have revealed their plans for a lumbering hexapod that seats two and towers over the average automobile.

The project is still in its earliest stages, but it sounds like a lot of different pieces of Stompy are coming together all at once. The group has uploaded a presentation of its introduction to how Stompy will control for the curious, and laid out some more concrete details in a blog post:

You may be confused as to how large this robot is. The distance between the centers of the two middle legs, folks, is currently 17 feet. That's about a lane of traffic... and a half. The bottom of the frame is over 6 feet off the ground. To give you an idea of how big that really is, check out this comparison to a shoddily rendered version of my car.

That render is here:


No word on when Stompy will be outfitted with machine guns and homing missiles, or if it's legs will curl up under it after it leaps into the air, so that it can spin around and act like a drill on the way down.

That, or how long it will take to build, though it sounds like the folks at the Asylum will be putting pieces together as early as this weekend.

Project Hexapod, via Slashdot

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