Marvel should sell this awesome 30-disc Avengers Helicarrier case

DVDs, Blu-rays and physical discs might be on their way out as streaming video becomes more common, but that doesn't mean they're down for the count (yet). If Marvel released this beautiful Blu-ray case concept modeled after S.H.I.E.L.D's Hellicarrier, maybe more people would buy Blu-rays.

This 30-disc case concept designed by Dave Delisle isn't an official Marvel product. It's not an official Blu-ray special edition for the release of The Avengers.

But, it should be. This is a Blu-ray case done right.

Estimated to be about 26-inches long with a 16-inch wingspan and 12-inches tall, Delisle's Hellicarrier case would be the ultimate Blu-ray/DVD case. In theory, Delisle says that it could even hold up to 50 discs if he added more trays to the main hull of the case.

Marvel needs to contact this guy and make this concept a real special edition. Right now. It would probably cost boatloads of money, but we'd nerd out over it all day long.

Dave's Geeky Ideas, via Geeks Are Sexy

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