Magnetic mount puts a smartphone on every wall in your home

Some of us have two or three different iPhone and iPod Touch devices laying around that we use in addition to our primary device. But that set-up begins to take over too much desk space. The Wallee M is a solution designed to remedy this issue.

The tiny neodymium magnet mounting disk allows you to place an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Nexus on nearly any surface in locations where you might want hands-free access to your device, such as the bathroom or kitchen. There's even a Wallee M Suction Car Mount, which allows you to place your smartphone on your car's dashboard or windshield.

The base unit costs $40, and the suction car mount is $65, but the devices will only go into production if the design group meets its Kickstarter goal. You can see the Wallee M in action in the video below.

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