Maglev bed lets you sleep on a cushion of air

Lots of mattress advertisements talk about their beds as feeling like you're floating on air, but they're all just pretenders compared to this maglev bed that really does keep you up above the ground.

Built by a user called Mememetatata over at Reddit, the bed is amazingly simple in construction, but seems to do the job. Mememetatata simply built a nice strong sandwich using plywood, but with some super powerful neodymium opposing magnets between the two layers of the bed. If fact his toughest challenge appears to have been figuring out how to separate two of the magnets that arrived stuck together. The attracting force holding them together was several hundred pounds.

If you were to try simply floating the bed above the base, you would find that there's a natural tendency for the bed to slide off to one side. To avoid this he added steel cables attached to each corner, tethering the bed in position.

This sounds intriguing, but I wonder about having all of that powerful magnetism right under you as you sleep. Anyone with lots of body piercings might end up permanently stuck to their bed, and imagine what this might do if you have a pacemaker.

Imgur, via Gizmodo

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