'Street Tweeter' paints your political pleas onto city roads

Many love to bash Twitter as a shallow mouthpiece for celebrities — its words fit for toilet paper. The advocacy group One is seeking to change the message of some tweets, and then print them on city streets using a "gigantic ink-jet printer on wheels." The goal is to get people talking about poverty and global hunger issues in advance of the upcoming G8 summit.

The group's unique machine — the Street Tweeter — looks like a cross between a street sweeper and a Zamboni, and can print out 40 character messages on the pavement with water soluble paint. Exactly how they've modified this machine to translate cyber-speak into pavement paint is still a secret, but we do know it is towed and it rocks out the tweets at about five miles per hour.

The tweets however, are far from secret. The Street Tweeter has already dropped some pavement poetry outside a research facility in Maryland and then went a little more high profile by hitting Pennsylvania Avenue this week.

You haven't missed the opportunity to make your voice heard if you are a fan of this cause. Those interested in crafting messages regarding global poverty and hunger can send a 40 character message to @OneStreetTweet or visit the campaign's website to enter it there.

The Street Tweeter takes will be taking to the streets throughout the Washington, DC region before the G8 summit starting tomorrow. And hey, if they use your tweet they'll even send you a picture.

One.org, via The Verge

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