Luxury 'Loop' is a 360-degree shower you can enjoy inside or out

Imagine a giant circle that sprays water at you from different directions while you stand in it. In your mind's eye you are picturing a shower aren't you? This loop is indeed a shower, but I believe it would prefer it if you called it a "shower system."

The "Loop" from Italian furniture and fixture makers Idiha looks like an oversized Dyson Air Multiplier. It's darn good looking, with pretty colors and sleek swooshes that make up the circle you stand in to take your shower. It can be used indoors and outdoors, which sounds pretty sweet. Yeah, I'd use it.

Beyond that, details get a little fuzzy. Aside from the obvious design appeal, the Loop's is described as being multi-sensory with "many functions." I have no idea what those functions are, but I hope it involves taking ten pounds off my weight and handing me a clean towel before I step out of it. It does look like something out of Logan's Run so perhaps it could actually do those things.

In the name of sleuthing I headed over to Idiha's website armed with Google Translate. Here's what they had to say about the Loop (in an unedited translation from Italian to English via Google Translate):

"'Loop' is not a simple outdoor shower but a complete system designed to stir emotions and giving a multi-sensory, thanks to the many functions available. A piece of design with clean lines and harmonious, inspired to wrap waves, where the circular lines delineates a space-time differently, emotional, full of suggestions."

This was as good as I could do. There was no discernible information on the extra functions, the emotions or the price. Given the lack of details I suspect this is one of those cases where you have to ask for all those silly things.

Look, as hard as I may try to do it, it's hard to knock a shower system. As most showers do, it's likely to feel pretty good with that circle of water coming at you. And there's nothing wrong with an interesting piece of design.

Idiha Design, via BornRich

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