London taxi travels as undercover recording studio

When this 2004 London taxi pulls up to the curb, you'll see the inside filled with state-of-the-art recording equipment instead of shopping bags and tourists. This unusual, fully functioning mobile recording unit was custom designed for outdoor events and small-space gigs in one of the rare British taxis made to U.S. standards.

The custom taxi was a lucky find on eBay. Once L.A.-based Remote Recordings made the winning bid, they converted the back of the cab to hold ProTools HD, fiber optic mic interfaces and the ability to record up to 48 channels.

All this, and there is still room for two sound engineers:


The London Taxi joins the Remote Recording family — a company that specializes in outdoor and special event sound recordings. While they operate a fleet of large tractor-trailers that have helped them handle such events as the Academy Awards, some special events are small scale and the taxi is just the right size.

In addition to the size, the London Taxi — which retained its signature exterior look — adds as certain panache to any gathering as it rocks up to the red carpet.

The company reports that aside from paying for itself as a functioning recording studio, the London Taxi is a great marketing tool. With London taxis not seen very often on US streets it makes sense that it draws curious stares and conversation wherever it goes.

Imagine what people would be saying if they also knew what was inside?

Via Coolhunting

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