Light bulb mixes ancient Japanese art with modern green tech

This unusual light bulb manages to marry the old and the new into something that is eye catching. It is an energy saving light bulb that casts a warm wooden glow thanks to a covering of extremely thin wood.

Artist Ryosuke Fukusada creates the art for this bulb from the traditional Japanese technique called rokuro. It's hard to find much written about the technique but there are a few sites that explain it involves using hand held lathes and fine wood, turned to create incredibly uniform structures.

The turning of the wood can create a symmetrical and smooth item like a bowl. In this case, the lathes shave off incredibly thin pieces of the wood that are strong yet flexible enough to wrap around a light bulb.

When switched on, the light highlights the grain and glow of the wood.

While the bulb uses an old artistic method, the bulb itself is an efficient LED bulb complete with a recyclable aluminum socket.

I'd say this art project uses the best of old and new techniques to make one cool looking bulb!

Via Inhabitat

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