Leica's new $8,000 camera only shoots in black and white

Black and white photography may seem very old school, but it's hard to deny that in the hands of a skilled photographer, you get a depth of mood that's tough to achieve with color. Now Leica is catering to b&w fanatics, with a new digital camera that only shoots monochrome pictures.

The color image sensors in digital cameras use filters to separate out the different colors, but these also make the camera less sensitive to light. For the M-Monochrom camera, Leica have used a sensor with no filters which make it far more sensitive to light, but with the downside that it cannot see color.

The M-Monochrom is based on Leica's M9-P rangefinder camera, but leaving out those color filters will cost you an extra $1000, pushing the price up to a wallet busting $8000. Look for it in fancy camera stores starting in August.

Pop Photo, via PopSci

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