Land Rover: when all else fails eat your owner's manual

As Land Rover has become the ride of the gentry in recent years it could be hard to remember that this brand has its roots in being an adventurers ride. No more, thanks to a "Survival Guide" created as part of the owner's manuals distributed to purchasers in Dubai.

The Arabian Desert is no picnic if you get stranded while off-roading — and if help fails to come quickly you can always eat your Survival Guide. The Survival Guide is part spin, created by ad agency Y&R Dubai, but the contents of the guide are no joke as it offers up quite a bit of helpful advice for adventurous drivers should they happen to get caught in the vast desert. And it's not just all about eating the book — the booklet provides serious emergency advice.

Some tips should your sat phone or entourage fail you? The cover is made with the same reflective materials used by the army to catch the sun and signal for help; there's also a map for those cowboys who might want to try an find their way out on their own.

The pages of the guide include information on how to make shelter, build a fire, and how to identify indigenous plants and animals. The metal binding of the guide can be used as a skewer to kill and cook said animals.

Perhaps the guide's proudest achievement? It is also edible:


If everything else in your bag of tricks fails you, the pages of your guide are made of potato starch and glycerin based ink. Given it has relatively the same nutritional value as a cheeseburger, I'm wondering when edible books are going to become more popular.

The only drawback to the whole edible strategy of this guidebook is that it does have an expiration date with the first batch expiring on 2/15/13. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if an owner gets lost after that date and the book hasn't disintegrated, they'll probably still eat it.

The campaign has proved a hit for Land Rover and the team at Y&R Dubai. Although chances of getting lost in the Arabian Desert are slim, the guide has been a great way to publicize the spirit of adventure that is the core of the Land Rover brand. It takes the brand back to its roots in an engaging and helpful way.

The guide has become such a success it has run out of the initial printing for 5,000 drivers so Land Rover will be printing an additional 70,000 copies as an insert in an upcoming magazine.

No word on whether a Survival Guide will reach the U.S. but if it does, it will be fascinating to see how the tips change to survival in central New Jersey or suburban California.

Via Y&R Dubai, PSFK

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