Junked ferry boat to float again as a luxurious city pool

The other boats in Antwerp's harbor are bound to feel envious when this old ferry that was headed for scrap is fully transformed into an Olympic-size swimming pool and gathering place. The eco-friendly "Badboot" — which means bathing boat — will include a 120-meter swimming pool, restaurants, bars and meeting space.

Don't worry about Belgium's chilly winters, either — it will double as a skating rink, making it a year around destination.

On track to be completed in August, the ferry's unique pool will drain into a heated holding tank each night to keep it warm and reduce evaporation. When the pool does need a top-up, the water will come from the port; it will be fully scrubbed and transformed via a natural filtration system designed after reed beds.

The idea for the pool was pitched to the city of Antwerp by architecture firm Sculp(IT). It's a win-win for the city: comparatively low development costs thanks to the structure being reclaimed from the ferry, and its eco-friendly design — including LED lighting — will help operating costs stay low as well.

The city has rights to the Badboot for a 10-year term. If administrators choose not to renew the lease the ferry can actually be transported over water to a new location.

The plan is for the pool will cost four euros (a little over five dollars) for general admission.

Inhabitat, via Gizmodo

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