James Cameron wants everybody to shoot movies in '5D'

3D filmmaker and deep ocean diver James Cameron has an idea that he thinks will convince more "A-list" directors to put out 3D content.

His plan is called 5D and it will not immerse you at all like those rumbling "4D" movie theater chairs made by D-Box. Nor will 5D bring any kind of Smell-O-Vision to the movie experience.

Actually, Cameron's coined "5D" term is kind of boring. He refers to 5D as the process of shooting 2D and 3D simultaneously without adding any additional cost to the budget.

Most filmmakers either shoot in 2D or 3D. If they go the 3D route, multiple cameras are required. Or scenes are shot in 2D and then later converted to 3D (which ends up being much crappier for viewers).

In an talk on The NAB Show, camer

"The future of 3D is the broadcast! We need to build an economic workflow by developing a range of complementary tools from A to Z. We must now look to plan things in 5D, that means developing productions simultaneously in traditional 2D and 3D. The concept is to link the 3D camera to the 2D cameras, the rig being enslaved to the 2D camera controls."

The real benefit to such a rig is so that only one operator is needed to handle the camera work. In fact, even more fascinating than Cameron's definition of 5D is the Pace Cameron Group's (CPG) mission to create a system where one technician can operate 28, 40 or even 100 cameras without any additional help. Now that's something worth foaming at the mouth over.

Via Wired and Dimension 3

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