Jaguar XKX concept is all about curves where you least expect them

A trio of designers are riffing on the lithe, rounded Jaguar E-Type (or XK-E) that was popular back in the '60s and is still bought and sold today as a collector's car. Enter the Jaguar XKX, a thoroughly modern re-imagining that's got one hell of a look to it, with a couple of little tech touches.

I don't need to tell you about the body. The shots in the gallery below are doing the talking there. Both from the front and the back you can see the tunnel-like air-scoops that allow air to pass through passageways all the way through the car, and reduce overall drag and resistance. That not only means a faster car, but a more efficient car.

Another awesome detail is the way mirrors are handled. When at rest, the XKX's side mirrors fold completely flat against the car — something the designers did to reduce the chance of accidental damage or vandalism. When the car's ready to go, they flip out like a couple of batarangs (you can see a step-by-step how this works in the pictures below).

The Jaguar XKX is the work of Albania's Marin Myftiu and Bahraini brother-design-team Ali and Hussain Almossawi, who, when their powers combine, form the art studio Skyrill, and is not an official Jaguar concept car.

Behance, via Fubiz

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