iPhone-equipped guitar lets anyone play like a junior Hendrix

Okay, so maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but the iPhone powered gTar will let you fake your way through some tunes flawlessly even if you really can't play.

With none of the regular pickups or even an output jack, the gTar plays your noodlings through an iPhone docked on its front face. To make things really easy, it even lights up the proper frets and strings using LEDs as you work your way through a tune.

The app comes with a bunch of preloaded songs, which you can play using any of three levels of difficulty. In easy mode you don't need to fret the strings at all, and by simply plucking the proper string you will play the correct note. In the medium setting you do need to fret the strings, but a feature called 'Smart Play' will automatically fix any bum notes. In the hardest setting you still get the LEDs lighting up the frets to guide you, but whatever note you play are what you'll actually hear. Finally there's 'Freeplay' mode, where the gTar acts and plays like any regular electric guitar, but you get the advantage of the many different sounds and effects you can access from the iPhone interface.

The gTar is currently a Kickstarter project, but in just three days they've already more than doubled their $100,000 goal. Funding is scheduled for late June, and deliveries are expected to start in September.

Kickstarter, via CBS News

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