iPhone 5 rumor sparks new animation with Siri versus Tim Cook

The rumors surrounding the design and release of the iPhone 5 have reached a fever pitch, so much so that Taiwan's most notorious animators have once again given Apple the fantasy treatment in a new video spot.

The new video features a character depicting Apple CEO Tim Cook now sporting the Darth Vader garb previously draped on the image of Steve Jobs. Although somewhat humorous, this latest video treads the line of propriety, featuring a scene in which faux-Cook meets the Google Android robot in a bathroom contest, and later increases the size of the new iPhone using oddly suggestive means. The video also shows off an interesting depiction of Siri as a female robot, and considers the future of Apple without its iconic founder.

But the constant, and unnecessary presence of a rainbow on faux-Cook's shirt (presumably a nod to his sexual orientation, which is not relevant to the story), and the low-brow "bathroom humor" is more proof that the animators may be losing their touch in terms of intelligent wit. You can check out the animation in the video below.

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