Instagram concept camera is a modern day Polaroid

There's no doubt that people absolutely love Instagram. The photo sharing network might be on the top favorite app lists of many an iOS and Android user, but what if Instagram was an actual camera that could print out all of your hipster photos? Like, maybe this camera concept by ADR Studio? Yes, please!

Inspired by Facebook's recent $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, ADR Studio's Antonio De Rosa drafted up a concept for what a real Instagram camera would be like. He calls his dream camera the Socialmatic.

Specs would include a 4.3-inch touchscreen, 16GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, two lenses — one for taking photos and the other for taking 3D pics, AR apps and QR code scanning, optical zoom and an LED flash. And of course the front would be designed after the Instagram app logo.

Replicating the Poloroid cameras of yore, the Socialmatic would have a built-in printer and print photos with four different ink cartridges.

Other nifty features include a sticky adhesive on the back of each print for easy attaching (resembling a Post-It note) and a QR code that can be scanned to instantly follow the photographer.

I don't care who picks up the Socialmatic. Be it Urban Outfitters, Lomography or whoever. Someone do it. It'll sell millions. Billions even.

ADR Studio, via PetaPixel

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