Ice cream lid lock is new hard, cold reality to roommates

Whether it is a marketing ploy or a true fail-safe for those poor souls burdened with ice cream thieves (or roommates) in their lives, it hardly matters. Either way, this ice-cream lid lock is pretty funny and genius — a combination I like almost as much as Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Ben & Jerry have just released a new device called The Euphori-Lock. It's a plastic security ring that fits around the upper lid of your favorite pint that comes with a combination security code you scroll to unlock.

What's probably the coolest part of the story is where the idea came from. According to the company's press release:

"This delightfully tongue-in-cheek concept actually came from one of our customers, who suggested we start selling our ice cream in stainless steel containers with little padlocks on them," smiles Katie O'Brien, Ben & Jerry's Merchandise Maven and the brains that brought Euphori-lock from delightful daydream to rugged reality.

Major kudos to the always inventive and consumer connected Ben & Jerry's Company for listening to a customer's idea.

As for the lid-lock itself? I think the customer's stainless steel container concept might have been better — though we know eco-friendly Ben & Jerry's would never have gone that far. Not only is it not environmentally friendly, it probably would be expensive without an extensive recycling education program.

I only mention the stainless steel version because that would be what would work best in my house. No cardboard container with a plastic lid-lock is going to stop "someone" from getting ice cream for very long. That's what kitchen knives and scissors are for — and I'm not above it.

Via Ben & Jerry's , LaughingSquid

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