Huge camera sensor can photograph the sun and stars in daylight

We've been saying for a very long time that the megapixel war is over. Today's cameras pack more than enough pixels for most people to work with. Here's a 112-megapixel sensor where megapixels matter.

Spectral Instruments' 95 x 95mm image sensor is usually reserved for space telescopes and not for regularly grumpy photographers to fool around with. Mechanical engineer Zeke is making an ambitious bid for your dollar.

In the video below, Zeke shows off the 112-megapixel 1100-series camera that shoots only in black and white. The beauty to the camera is that it can expose images for hours. The pictures also come virtually noise-free because the sensor is cooled to -100 degrees celsius.

And as we've already said, it can shoot photos of the sun and stars in broad daylight without breaking a sweat. That, alone is a killer feature any photogeek would love to get their hands around.

As a small company, Zeke says that management isn't sure Spectral Instruments should build one of these cameras for regular photographers to shoot with. That's where you come in. By gauging your interest through Twitter, Facebook, your blog, Pinterest, or wherever, Spectral Instruments will see if there is any demand to build more for unscientific purposes, but for art.

Internet, make it happen!

Spectral Instruments, via F-Stoppers via Gizmodo via The Verge via PetaPixel

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