How about a spray that gets you drunk for a few seconds

You know how frustrating it is that you can't get drunk for just a few seconds at a time? Well, if you want to get drunk a few times over your lunch break, feel free to do so with this new mouth spray that causes momentary intoxication! At least it's more fun than some other sprays.

Each spray of Wahh Quantum Sensations from its small aerosol can amounts to .075 ml of alcohol, which is the amount needed to trip the brain into feeling drunk for a few seconds. But it would take about a thousands sprays to equal a normal sized drink. Nonetheless, great for super-short parties.

David Edwards, one of the creators and a biomedical engineer at Harvard University, also created a caffeine inhaler called AeroShot.

Wahh Quantum Sensations will be available in Europe and will 20 Euros.

Biggest question this leaves is what is the proper way to buy a girl a spray.

Via Medical Daily

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