How about a completely silent, $2,000 bicycle

Sure, there have been stealthy bikes around here in the past , but the BMC UC01 City Bike takes it to a new level: a carbon belt drive replaces the chain, rendering the bike completely silent to match its black paint job.

More important than the silence aspect, a carbon belt drive needs just about zero maintenance, as opposed to the traditional chain. The belt, which was developed for industrial usage, repels water, dirt and mud and has a lifespan that's double a metal bike chain's.

It also doesn't require oil. And, along with that, rolling up a pant leg, so it'll be a lot more difficult to walk into a coffee shop and immediately have everyone know how environmentally conscious you are.

The bike goes for about $2,000, but will end up being a real money-saver.

Via Wired

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