Horizontal shower is like a car wash for human bodies

There a some inventions that really don't need reinventing, and I would put the shower pretty high on that list. That hasn't stopped German plumbing fixtures manufacturer Dornbracht from building the Horizontal Shower, which is kind of like the bastard stepchild of a bathtub and a shower rolled into one.

The Horizontal Shower is built into the wall of your very large bathroom, and has a large flat platform that you lie on, and another platform a few feet above that contains an array of water jets. Simply lie down of the bed and turn on the shower to have a cascade of water falling over your reclined form from above.

The shower comes with controller they call the eTool, which lets you direct the flow from the various jets, and choose between various programmed patterns kind of like a massage bath. You can also use the eTool to regulate the water temperature and intensity.

While the pictures certainly make it look alluring, this doesn't sound like a very comfortable way to bathe. It's hard to relax when you're lying on a hard slab with water dumping down onto your body.

The Dornbracht Horizontal Shower is available now. No word on the price, but if you have a house with the giant bathroom required for this, you can probably swing it.

Dornbracht, via Ubergizmo

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