Gallery: Hong Kong's colorful high-rise apartments captured as patterns

Hailed as the most business-friendly city in the world, Hong Kong is also one of the densest places man's ever built. With a population of 7.07 million people, where do they all live? The answer: in the sky (sorta).

Michael Wolf created "Architecture of Density" to point attention to Hong Kong's housing problems. With 6,588 high-rise buildings, Hong Kong is now even more packed than New York City's 5,818 buildings. Not only are there more buildings per square kilometer, but residential housing complexes are much, much taller than anywhere else.

That's because only 23.7 percent of Hong Kong's land can be developed. With ability to develop horizontally, everything is built vertically.

Known as the "Skyscraper City," Hong Kong isn't a bland mosh pit of gray and white buildings. Residential high-rises are actually very colorful and as portrayed by Wolf, make for some very pleasant patterns.

Obviously, Wolf carefully framed each shot to make it appear as though the sky is completely blanketed with buildings, but fear not, the sky is visible in Hong Kong. It's not like it's Akira's Neo Tokyo.

Michael Wolf, via China Smack

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