Honda reveals successor to the most advanced unicycle ever built

I just got up and walked to get a cup of coffee. In the future Honda envisions, I could have rolled there. Honda's UNI-CUB personal mobility device is designed to go everywhere you want to go, and you'll never have to bother yourself with standing or walking ever again.

If you're familiar with how a Segway operates — using the shifts in weight of your body as you lean forward or backward as a cue to roll in the indicated direction — the one-wheeled UNI-CUB operates on the same principles. Unlike a Segway, however, UNI-CUB can take you in any direction you desire, including sideways. It uses an omni-directional wheel (which the company is calling the "Honda Omni Traction Drive System"), and a trailing rear wheel for stability. Because it's a rolling seat, you're also free to put your legs down on the floor to steady yourself when at rest, though Honda's auto-balancing tech means you shouldn't have to.

The big advantage of the UNI-CUB over something like a Segway is that it's small, and that means it can occupy the same spaces you tend to. If you're rolling down a sidewalk, for instance, a Segway's wide enough that people will most likely have to get out of your way, but the UNI-CUB takes up less horizontal space than your body does. Your hands are also free as there are no handlebars to hold onto.

Honda intends to sell the UNI-CUB commercially, though no date or price has been announced just yet. The company's no stranger to personal mobility concepts either. Here's a little blast from the past for longtime DVICE readers: editor emeritus Peter Pachal riding the U3-X, which is on the right next to the UNI-CUB in the photo below.


Via Gizmag, DigitalTrends and IBT

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