Hey Instagramers, Instacanvas wants to turn those snaps into cash

Maybe you're one to share pictures of your lunch on Instagram, or maybe you're a professional photographer who uses it as an easy way to share your work. Either way, a site called Instacanvas wants your pics to turn into physical, framed prints — and you'd get a buck out of it, too.

Signing up for Instancanvas is simple: you pick a vanity URL, decide which Instagram photos you want to share and you're ready. Prints start at $40 a pop, and the artist gets 20% of the prize (so, $8 per to start). For that $40, Instacanvas handles all the framing and shipping, and there are no fees that trickle down to a photographer.

Actually being able to sell your photos through Instacanvas, though, is a little trickier. Instacanvas only opens new photographer galleries by a handful every day, and warns that it can take two to three weeks for yours to go live. You can speed the opening of your gallery by using social media to promote it, and if it gets enough heat, you're in business.

For a photographer with a paid distribution outlet, the cut that Instacanvas takes probably isn't worth it. Company cofounder and CEO Matt Munson doesn't see it as a site built for that, anyway. He told Fast Company's Kit Eaton that Instacanvas is an "amateur art marketplace." For folks who have even a modest following on the Facebook-owned photo network, sites such as Instacanvas could be a way to get money for photography in a way that didn't really exist before.

Instacanvas, via Fast Company

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