Hello? It's the '80s calling and we're here for your iPhone

Owning a phone back in the 1980s was a sign you had arrived — arrived at destination cool, even. Owning a 3D printer today is much the same. So imagine the awesome power you'll wield with your fully functioning, 3D-printed 1980s iPhone case made from plastic.

The BRICKiPhone can be yours by just printing out the four plastic pieces for the phone case, and snapping the pieces together. Add your iPhone headset, an iPhone 4/4s and a vintage antenna and you're ready to swagger (provided you've made the belt clip).

The phone was developed by NORTD in collaboration with the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University and FAT lab. FAT 3D plans and more information on the phone can be accessed from Addie Agenknecht's site.


Sure, the BRICKiPhone is unbelievably large and kids may laugh at you on the street, but it just gives you a chance to lecture them on the history of the cellphone or 3D printers — whichever will give you the most street cred.

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