Hard drive with self-destruct button is perfect for secret agents

If you have to carry around a lot of really secret stuff on your laptop, it pays to keep all of that data really secure. Sure you could use some fancy password or high tech encryption, but wouldn't it be better if you could really fry the drive at a moment's notice?

The InVincible SSD from RunCore lets you do just that, with two buttons that allow you to destroy your data with a single push. The green button simply wipes away all of the data stored on the drive, leaving nothing behind for your enemies to steal. The real trick however is the red button, which sends a high voltage jolt through the drive, physically frying the storage chips inside the drive in a puff of smoke.

I can see two types of people who might want this: Spy types who carry around military or industrial secrets and want a James Bond-style approach to security, and criminals such as terrorists who want to destroy their evil destructive plots if the FBI comes pounding of the door. I guess to be extra super double secure, you could first press the green button to wipe the data, then the red button to fry everything.

This sounds great if you have serious secrets to keep. Just make sure that your cat isn't going to walk across you desk stepping on things.

No word yet on pricing, capacity, or availability.

RunCore, via Engadget

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