Literally float above Shanghai streets in this glass bottom pool

Many hotel pools seem like an after thought, and something you could definitely take a pass on. This pool, however, is something you wouldn't forget. As you swim to the deep end you are treated to a glass-bottomed view as you hang 24 stories above the streets of Shanghai.

This high-class hotel pool is located in the Holiday Inn Shanghai. While the rest of this Holiday Inn is described as luxury, I'd say this pool — specifically the deep end - is probably one of the main attractions.

Sure, we've brought you stories of glass bottom pools before. The reason we do it is each one is uniquely cool in design and view. Plus, we love taking the virtual tour with you. Screams of fear are optional.

This pool struts out over a busy Shanghai street, providing one of the most unique views in the city. It's described as "swimming over the air," and at 24 storeys high, that seems like an apt name.

If any of you are lucky enough to head to Shanghai and hang high above the street be sure to let us know.

Via Trendhunter

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