Gyroscopic two-wheeler is an electric car that acts like a Segway

The light cycles in Tron have been duplicated by several motorcycle enthusiasts in real life, but they're mostly eye candy, and hardly practical. If you really want something close to a light cycle experience that is also a more usable commuter vehicle, the C-1 might be for you.

Created by Lit Motors, the C-1 isn't just a futuristically designed electric vehicle sporting a sleek white shape and neon blue wheel lights, the vehicle is also gyroscopically stabilized. So even though it only has two wheels, the vehicle remains upright during stops and even maintains its balance when hit from the side. The C-1 seats two people and has a range of 150-220 miles per charge.

Priced at $24,000, the vehicle isn't scheduled to go on sale until 2014, but you can see the C-1 in action now in the video below.

Via DesignBoom

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