Goodbye sweet, hard-earned money: Build your own astromech droid

If you've never been, one of the greatest Star Wars gift shops in the world is actually in Disney World. It's right there waiting for you as you walk off of Star Tours. Said awesome gift shop is about to get a little awesomer with a build-a-bear-style kiosk that'll let you customize your very own astromech droid.

Called the Tatooine Trader, the Disney World gift shop sells everything from official Star Wars Lego playsets to apparel, toys and even a similar build-your-own-lightsaber area.

Here's what you can expect, straight from the big D's official blog:

Large scale indeed — the Droid Factory has 71 different pieces to create the 3 ¾-inch figures! To get started, guests chose a dome, a body and legs offered in a variety of colors and styles ([product developer Cody Hampton] said that availability of various parts and colors may change). There are optional third legs and novelty hats that can be added.

"We wanted lots of options for [the Droid Factory]," continued Cody. "There are literally thousands of combinations making each droid unique. Guests can also name their droids with sticker sheets provided at checkout."

Maybe the sweetest part of all is that you get your custom figuring packaged just like any other toy:


No word on pricing, though Disney's blog does mention you save when them in pairs.

So, what's the rub? It looks like you'll only be able to build your own astromech droid at Disney World — as in, you physically have to be there. Disney is going to roll the service out during its next Star Wars Weekends event, which fires up May 18 and runs until June 10. Hopefully it stays in the Tatooine Trader store after that, which you can find nestled right up against Star Tours. Trust us, you can't miss it. It is the exit.

Disney, via Boing Boing

(Thanks, Austin!)

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