Gallery: A submarine converted into a submersible bar

How would you celebrate your 250th birthday? The beer makers over at Guinness decided to go large, and couldn't possibly have been drunk when commissioning this $125,000 submarine-turned-bar with an interior that looks like a futuristic golf ball.

The Guinness Dead Sea Bar was designed for the company by London's Jump Studios, which created the custom interior by starting with a glass-reinforced plastic chassis and then fitting it into the interior of the sub. That means Jump Studios didn't have to try and rejigger the original interior as much as use it as a general shape, and build from its own foundation. The exterior got a little love, too, displaying Guinness's harp logo and spelling out "250" in rivets to mark the company's 250th anniversary.

The only bummer: no libations will be enjoyed 20,000 leagues under the sea. The sub, which Gizmag's David Szondy reckons is a "a typical tourist boat of the sort used around the world to take visitors on short trips down to depths of about 330 feet," always keeps part of the vessel in contact with the water's surface. Wouldn't want to get the bends while drinking brews, after all.

You can see more views of the sub's custom stylings in the gallery below.

Jump Studios, via Arch Daily, via Gizmag

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