Gallery: Regular stuff made ridiculously cool by being blown up

There are few things we love more than photos of things being blown up. Fortunately there seems to be no shortage of artists who like blowing things up and capturing the moment in unique ways. This particular gallery shows a bunch of regular objects captured at the moment of explosion in lush, saturated color.

The artist behind these shots is Alan Sailer. He's a prolific photographer with over 1,500 fascinating shots on his Flickr site. Many of the photos are captured at high-speed using a special flash he made himself from an article on flash adaptations that appeared in a 1974 Scientific American article.

Did we mention he creates these works of art in his garage? In addition to his special flash he uses such interesting things as firecrackers and liquid nitrogen to get the cool shots.

He's a regular MacGyver of explosion photography isn't he?

Sailer loves to share so be sure to check out the link included with each shot to find out more about how he created each one.

Alan Sailer, via Twisted Sifter

All photos below taken by Alan Sailer.

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