Gallery: Your favorite social media sites turned into sneakers

We've already seen what various websites such as Facebook and YouTube would look like as dresses, and now Venezuelan designer Lumen Bigott is turning them into shoes.

Keds, to be specific; the company promoted the designs late last year but it doesn't look like they ever became available for sale. You've got Facebook telling your feet they've got a friend request, YouTube with its loading wheel, Flickr's colorful polkadots, Wikipedia's puzzle-egg and, of course, Twitter's fail whale being carried aloft by birds with strings.

There's also an out-of-place pair of Google Buzz kicks, the search giant's now defunct social network, uh, thing. Still, just slap a plus sign on there and it's all the same colors, right?

Also, boo for leaving out Tumblr. Check out Bigott's awesome designs in the gallery below.

Lumen Bigott, via Laughing Squid

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