Gallery: If the Internet was an image-only place without words

Picture for a second that none of us can read, and we can only publish pictorial content. What would the Internet look like? The most interesting picture on a website would win our click. That's what.

Daytime Facebook designer Ji Li and Cory Forsyth created the Worldless Web bookmarklet that strips any website of its text.

Speaking with Fast Company, Li expressed his reasoning for creating the bookmarklet that can be installed in two easy steps:

The amount of content on the web is growing exponentially, but our time to consume the growing content is not increasing," Lee tells Co.Design. "So more and more we tend to scan through new content. Images are lot quicker to register and process than words. So, I think it's a natural trend for the web to become more visual. Images are also universal, whereas words are limited by different languages."

We've taken the liberty of screenshotting some of the most popular websites using Wordless Web to give you an idea of what the Internet would look like without words.

As you can tell, it mostly works. I say mostly, because web designers are a lot smarter today than they were 10 years ago. Almost all website logos are images, so a logo name always appears. Naturally, advertisement images with text also renders. Sites that use a mix of HTML5 or Flash also manage to escape the Wordless Web.

Try the bookmarklet out for yourself. Does it change the way you consume content? What do you find yourself scanning for?

PleaseEnjoy, via FastCompany

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