Gallery: AT-AT PC mod is so hot it could melt Hoth

From liquor cabinets to edible gingerbread creations to epic dog costumes to recycled scultpures, Star Wars fans have proved that there is nothing an AT-AT can't transform into. Case in point (no pun intended): this sweet AT-AT PC case mod.

Created by Asphiax, the AT-AT PC houses a Zotax Z68 ITX motherboard, an Intel Core i7-2600K processor, a Sapphire 76870 graphics card, 8GB of RAM and some sick fiery LEDs.

Asphiax didn't actually mold the AT-AT; he just crammed a PC into a Hasbro model. Even so, it's still a tower to be behold (sorry, I couldn't resist!).

No PC mod is complete without special trick: it has a pair of lasers than can be controlled with a remote control!

Take a gander at Asphiax's masterpiece in the gallery below and be sure to pay his website a visit too, as there's lots more photos of the creation process over there.

Asphiax, via Technabob

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