Did dinosaur farts cause global warming millions of years ago?

Believe it or not, there are researchers out there who are actually studying the correlation between flatulence and global warming. Their latest findings: dinosaur fart could have caused global warming 150 million years ago.

As put forth by Liverpool John Moore's University's David Wilkinson and his colleagues at the University of London and University of Glasgow, dinosaurs emitted as much as 520 million tons of gas per year back in the Mesozoic Era.

Wilkinson told the BBC that the methane-producing microbes inside of the dinosaurs could have helped warm the Earth up to 10 degrees (Celsius) more than it is today.

The analysis comes by scaling up the 50 to 100 million tons of gas released by cows to match the mass of a sauropod.

Go ahead and enlighten your friends with this bit of newfound knowledge. It's guaranteed to make them think of dinosaurs in a whole new light.

Via BBC Nature

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