DARPA plans to place diagnostic nanochip in soldiers

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which might as well be known as the Science Fiction as Reality Society, has announced plans to create and implant nanochips in soldiers that will monitor their health. As you might have guessed, this plan has raised a little bit of controversy with the fear that this could turn the Earth into Total Recall.

The chips would monitor soldiers' health, especially in terms of illness in the field.

Though it seems like a simple and efficient way to keep soldiers alive and healthy, a number of opponents have come out the woodwork claiming this could be the beginning of computer chips for everyone.

Katherine Albrecht, co-author of Spychips says, "It's never going to happen that the government at gunpoint says, 'You're going to have a tracking chip. It's always in incremental steps. If you can put a microchip in someone that doesn't track them ... everybody looks and says, 'Come on, it'll be interesting seeing where we go.'"

But DARPA said the implants are a "truly disruptive innovation," since most medical evacuations are the result of ordinary illness, not injuries. The chips will report to doctors and reportedly aren't to be used for tracking.

Via Mobiledia

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