Crazy 2,800 piece Lego Land Rover includes working everything

When I was a kid my Lego creations were usually pretty sad, but I expect that this Spanish Lego fan named Sheepo made awesome ones.

His scratch built Land Rover Defender 110 not only looks the part, but includes crazy levels of detail including a five speed semi-automatic gearbox with two range transfer case, selectable four or two wheel drive and full suspension with working disc brakes. The truck also has a separate body and chassis that can be detached in seconds, rack and pinion steering and full remote control.

What's really amazing is that he built it using only stock Lego parts, with nothing custom thrown in to solve a problem. I guess the fact that Sheepo (Fernando) happens to be an engineering student helps too.

Sheepo's Land Rover has been selected for Cuusoo, an official Lego website where fans can vote for projects they'd like to see turned into actual kits you can buy. If the Land Rover gets 10,000 votes it will be up for consideration. Otherwise, you had better start collecting the 2,800 pieces you'll need yourself.

Sheepo's Garage, via Autoblog

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