Cityscape rises from old pieces of movable type

"Type City" is an art installation by artist Hong Seon Jang. Jang's taken pieces of movable type from an old printing press to build an impressive grey Gotham that at a glance one could mistake for an old black and white photo of New York.

There used to be a day when newspapers and printed magazines ruled the cities of the world. Newsboys would wave the latest edition with large type headlines not to be missed. Now that the reign of printed papers is on the decline thanks to modern technology, an artist has taken the instruments of what actually built the papers in their heyday, and has given them a new story.

The thoughtful work about the ever-changing nature of what's old and new can be seen along with some of Jang's other work at the David B. Smith Gallery.

Hong Seon Jang, via David B. Smith Gallery, via This Is Colossal

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