Circular printer concept is obvious and brilliant

Now, why hasn't someone thought of this totally tubular printer before? Or if someone has, why is my desk still possessed by a giant, boxy, and generally less than functional hunk of ugly plastic? Someone. Please. Make me this printer. Please.

The one single disadvantage of this printer concept (by designer Yang Jae Wook) is that it wouldn't be terribly convenient to print dozens of pages all at once. It sort of looks like you can only load in maybe 10 blank sheets of paper at a time, but seriously, who prints out big documents at home anymore? You might need to print out a piece of mail here, an airline boarding pass there, and maybe the occasional picture or two. All that most people need is a small, slick little printer that can spit out one or two pieces of paper on demand and not get in the way the rest of the time, and a tubular circular form factor like this could be the way to do it.

Via Yanko

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