Cassette tape coffee table brings retro style to the mix

It seems there is a thriving wood working artisan community out there. I think that's pretty cool — we get to see a mix of old skills and techniques used to bring us all sorts of items reimagined in wood. We've reported on pop culture icons such as the Starship Enterprise or NES controller tables. This handcrafted table reaches back a few years to a pop icon a lot of younger people have never even used — the good oldcassette tape.

According to the creator Jeff Skierka, he's been obsessed with the idea of creating the table for five years. The prototype table is a scaled 12:1 wooden version of a cassette tape. Skierka used reclaimed maple, walnut and Lucite for the base. It measures 47.25"x30"x5 with a 3/8" plexiglass top.

Future versions of the table will be CNC machined out of high-grade plywood and finished with a variety of ply combinations and a glass top. Sounds like Skierka may be making these future versions for sale.

The coolest feature of this table? The top has an A and B side just like the real deal. Clearly Skierka was obsessed enough to think of that little detail.

For those of us who remember cassette tapes and the often heart wrenching care we took making the perfect line up of songs for our mix tapes — whether it was an expression of love (gone good or bad) or a road trip — this table is sure to bring back some memories. It definitely would be a conversation starter at a party as friends rush to name their favorite song from back in the day.

Now that society has been graced with the cassette table we'll be waiting for the Betamax table and of course, the eight-track tape table.

Jeff Skierka Designs, via Core 77

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