California Roll house brings architectural fusion to the desert

Here in California, there are huge tracts of land so desolate that nobody in their right mind would ever want to live there. Commonly known as "Fresno,"* these areas might be made slightly more palatable with the inclusion of hyper-modern eco-friendly prefab housing like the this design, called California Roll.

California Roll is a modular prefabricated desert house. The "roll" is designed to help the house adapt to the desert lifestyle, using a heat-reflecting exterior for high energy efficiency. All of the windows have adjustable transparency, and the interior (and all of the skylights) can be reconfigured to match the style or whim of the end user.

One of the design highlights for those of you who occasionally like to pretend that you're living on a spaceship (like I do) is the front door. To save space, the door is hydraulic and opens by sliding straight up, while the lower bit folds down flat and acts as a step. When the door closes, it vanishes seamlessly into the side of the house. Slick.

The only problem with this house is that it seems to be made almost entirely from composites and carbon fiber, meaning that if you ever wanted to build one, you'd probably end up paying rather a lot of money. From the look of the renderings, though, you might be saving so much on the cost of the land that this house is designed to be constructed on that you could conceivably come out a little bit ahead. If you're willing to live in Fresno, of course.

Violent Volumes, via Fubiz

*Fresno isn't actually slang for a desolate patch of land in California, but is in fact a city of over 500,000 living on a desolate patch of land in California.

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